Unlocking the power of cooling

Cools the hottest processors

Enabling the highest sustained performance with ZERO throttling



Data industry sustainability has risen to the top for decision makers, calling for significant technology transitions. The global need to move to Net Zero by 2030, use less water, power and land, and reuse heat in the data center is now! ZutaCore® is leading the transformation to an eco-safe data industry, delivering a direct-on-chip, waterless, heat-reuse, two-phase liquid cooling solution to the mainstream.

The ZutaCore Eco-Safe HyperCool® solution delivers 10x more compute, 50% TCO reduction, and reduces C02 emissions for a sustainable data center and industry. Using a highly efficient two-phase boiling and condensation process, EcoSafe HyperCool delivers a no water, no risk solution that moves large amounts of heat off the processors and away from servers, with zero disruption to the data center. The snap-on simplicity delivers scalability from one server to the entire data center, using the same global trusted partners and infrastructure.

An introduction to HYPERCOOL™ from Zutacore

The in-rack HyperCool solution uniquely supports up to 20kW computing power with an in-rack air cooled condenser and 70kW computing power with an in-rack water cooled condenser. This liquid cooling solution can enable customers to keep up with higher performance systems with shorter latencies, while saving scarce resources including energy, water and space. HyperCool is densifying datacentres from small to large scale, for both datacentre retrofits and new builds.

Big impact in a small footprint

Zutacore's Hypercool can be configured for use in racks, in rear doors and in whole rows. It can also be deployed in hot spots, across entire data centers and edge facilities.

Energy efficient data centers

Hypercool slashes the consumption of scarce resources including energy, water and land, while reducing capital and operating expenses by a magnitude of two.

More cooling in less space, with less energy

Hypercool triples the processing capacity of highly dense computing environments using less than 50 percent of the energy and half the space of conventional cooling systems.

Unrivaled heat dissipation at the chip

Hypercool is uniquely built for dense, high temperature compute environments. Reliably, effectively and safely, with no practical limit to heat dissipation.