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AI Powerhouse

The golden standard for AI infrastructure

Expand the frontiers of business innovation and optimization with NVIDIA DGX™ H100

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AI Powerhouse

Vast Data platform for Supermicro

Elevating Data Storage Solutions to New Heights

A full-stack, end-to-end AI solution that simplifies the creation and expansion of large-scale AI deployments. VAST Data and Supermicro offer service providers, hyperscale technology companies, and large data-centric enterprises a comprehensive AI Data Platform that is proven at hyperscale.

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Vast Data platform for Supermicro

Data Infrastructure Engineered For AI

Did you know that NVIDIA is utilizing VAST Data’s solutions in its architecture while pioneering accelerated computing, AI, HPC, gaming, and robotics? Supermicro delivers VAST Data’s solutions under its brand and name. Nextron is NVIDIA’s and Supermicro’s highest level certified partner. 


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VAST Data and Nextron promoting AI computing in the Nordic Countries

Introducing Nvidia Blackwell: The Future of AI Computing

A Game Changer in the AI World

NVIDIA Blackwell represents a new milestone in AI computing. With its groundbreaking architecture and unmatched performance, Blackwell takes AI-driven computing to a whole new level.

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